The guy with the blue t-shirt
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What is the graphic on the t-shirt Reg Keeland is wearing in this photo?
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I can make out the head of a dark-haired man looking sideways and down...
posted by Dragonness at 5:53 AM on December 7, 2012

I think it looks like a duck or an albatross.
posted by Benny Andajetz at 10:21 AM on December 7, 2012

I thought perhaps Toshiro Mifune, holding a samurai sword, but it maybe looks more like a man with some sort of rifle slung over his shoulder. The gray background seems like a very simplified ape/chimp head, so I tried to match this to Planet of the Apes schwag with no success. I did turn up the Alternative Press Expo (APE), which uses ape motifs that change annually, so perhaps?
posted by dhartung at 6:41 PM on December 7, 2012

He's hardly active, but you could try asking on twitter.
posted by oneirodynia at 6:53 PM on December 7, 2012

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