Help me understand event handling in different browsers
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Question about Javascript, Backbone.js and clicking forms.

I'm working with some hastily-written Backbone.js code that's supposed to catch clicks from a form, and then respond to those clicks. But the event handling isn't working across different browsers.

The key line of contention is this:

eventType =;

Firefox says "event" isn't defined. As a newbie, I'm confused about how to make it see this event, which is bound to actions elsewhere in the code (in the View). Is there some standard way of doing this cross-browser, with jQuery, to make FF and IE alike deal well with this?

Any help much appreciated.
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I don't have time to dig into the code, but a few things:

1) You should absolutely be using jquery to be doing anything with js these days. It turns what used to be days of work into 5 minutes.

2) "event" is usually defined as a param of the function that is handling the event. So for example if you have:

$('.thingie').on('click', function() { //do things })

you can put the event as a param, like this:

$('.thingie').on('click', function(event) { //do things })

then use it inside the "do things" method. "Event" is not a magic reserved word, I usually just call it "e" but anything is fine, it will always be the first param of that event handler function.

Hope that helps!
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In this case, I'm not 100% sure b/c backbone annoys me but:

formEvent: function (event)

may do the trick.
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Thanks, it did do the trick. I think next time I'm going with Ember.js.
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You're free to do whatever you want, but don't be afraid to just skip the fancier frameworks and just write jquery. it's super-fun and amazingly easy once you get into it. I work with js every day and frankly I find stuff like backbone to be massive overkill for all but the most complex projects.
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Yeah, I think you're right. I had nonstop fun with jQuery before I tried to MVC it.

(Question I wish I'd used my question on: If only I can make IE recognize
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Yeah, Backbone gets a load of press at the moment, but I've developed with it and found it very awkward to use. It might help you to think of Backbone not as a framework but as a tool-kit instead. This is an interesting summary of some of the main players that you might find useful to guide your development strategy.
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An answer to your IE query?
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Bless you, thanks.
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Yeah, as a toolkit, I like Backbone's model/collection stuff a lot, but other parts seem awkward.
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You guys helped prevent a last-minute code crisis. Thanks so much.
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