Looking for recipes that use Sumac molasses
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Does anyone cook with Sumac Molasses?

I have a small bottle of Sumac molasses that I bought a year ago and and I can't seem to find any recipes to use it with. I find recipes for tamarind molasses and recipes for sumac but nothing for sumac molasses. I am pretty flexible about what I would be willing to cook and would appreciate any recipes or direction toward where I could find some.
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Sumac molasses works in most recipes that call for pomegranate molasses. Good for glazing poultry or fish, or in fattoush. Also good in cocktails. Or in a salad dressing (sub for lemon juice).
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Here's a recipe for roasted carrots, parsnips and chickpeas with pomegranate molasses and spices that I guarantee would work with sumac molasses instead. I have made this before and it is freaking delicious.

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Along Sidhedevil's line of thinking, fesenjoon would be a tasty experiment.
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