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What's a good soup recipe to make with this yummy home-made chicken stock?

I have a pot-ful of chicken stock that I made by boiling a carass with onions and carrots. How do I convert it into delicious chicken soup?
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Greek Lemon Soup. So good.
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I always just boil some chicken breast in the stock and fork them apart while carrots, celery, parsley, and whatever else sounds good (I like kale) get however soft you want in the stock and egg noodles are boiling in a separate pot (if I wanna get crazy I boil the noodles in stock too). Stir in another good bit of fresh parsley, combine everything, salt and pepper.
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I like making cock-a-leekie soup. I do it with the stock, chicken, potatoes, and leeks, and I add cream in at the end to thicken it.

I also like keeping the stock and some frozen bits of chicken handy for if and when I have some nasty cold or flu so I can easily defrost and heat up amazingly wonderful chicken soup. (I find that cooked pasta doesn't freeze well, but it's so easy to make the soup from its ingredients on the spot that it's not too much extra time to boil the pasta while heating up the stock and chicken)
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I don't know if you feel like doing much more cooking with it, but we LOVE this recipe:
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Caldo TlapeƱo
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You could go for a pho-style chicken soup by adding ginger and lemongrass and fish sauce and garlic (and whatever else you like in your pho). And then pour it over almost cooked noodles, with cilantro, lime, thai basil and chili sauce.
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I like Smitten Kitchen's recipes, and she has one for chicken noodle soup.

Consider pouring any extra chicken stock into an ice-cube tray and using the chicken stock cubes to enrich the flavor of non-soup dishes. I especially love to add a cube to pasta sauce!
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I like to fry up some onion, then I add and heat up the chicken stock, a dash of curry powder, a can of coconut milk, sprouts, grated carrots, some chicken/or shrimp/or tofu and thin rice noodles (or rice). Serve topped with basil, lime and sriracha.

I also keep stock frozen for when I start a cold. I recommend the chicken stock/coconut milk/hot spices/lime combo right at the beginning of the cold. It's so comforting and feels like a real boost to the immune system.
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Nothing shows-off good chicken stock like a good, old-school chicken noodle soup. Go for it!
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Matzoh Balls!
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Thai coconut soup is pretty fantastic
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If you get tired of soup and still have extra stock, a super yummy use for it is to make rice. Rice made with stock is like a hundred times tastier than regular rice, but is equally easy to make.
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There are lots of good AskMe threads about chicken soups. The wiki has this thread and this one for general soup recipes. I've bookmarked this chicken soup thread and this "curing" soup thread. Also, I love self-linking to my old answers, particularly Knile's rustic chicken leg soup.
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