Oshawott t-shirt, I choose you!
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In search of an Oshawott/Mijumaru t-shirt. Can you help me find one?

I can't believe I'm even asking this, but my google-fu fails me utterly, and has for months. I'm trying to find a t-shirt for a 10-year-old boy who is crazy about Pokemon, and about Oshawott/Mijumaru in particular. I've googled extensively, and can't find anything other than a junior girls' Oshwott t-shirt that Hot Topic seems to be selling. Cafepress, Zazzle, RedBubble, eBay have all come up empty -- they might have a t-shirt with Oshawott, but not in kids' sizes. I don't live anywhere near a Nintendo store, and their website doesn't seem to have any listing for merchandise. I've even tried to find one of those old-school iron-on t-shirt stores like the ones I remember from my childhood, but again, no luck.

Can anyone point me to a source? Or suggest a way to get one made? I'm absolute crap with graphics/drawing, and don't really know anyone who is, so making my own design for Cafepress, etc., to print doesn't seem like an option.
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The last time I had a custom shirt printed at Cafepress, it was pretty easy - no design necessary if you don't want to do any. You can simply pick the shirt, color, size of the printed image, and then hand over the image file from the Bulbapedia entry (warning: incongruous sex ad may pop up on that site) as the thing that's to be printed on it.
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If you have an iron and an ink jet printer you can buy some of these and a plain t-shirt and DIY it. They don't last forever, but a) he's 10, nothing does and b) you've got a pack, you could make multiples!
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Does it have to be a T-shirt? There's a cute Oshawott hat on Etsy!
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Oh oh—here's an Oshawott T-shirt on Etsy!
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And here's another Oshawott T-shirt, customizable with the child's name—it's a multipack, but it looks like you can get multiples of the same shirt if you want, or I'm sure you could contact the shop owner and have them do a custom listing of just the one shirt. Oh wait, here's the listing for a single Oshawott shirt from that Etsy store.
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Oshawott hat it is! I am also going to try to get a graphic sorted for use on Cafepress (though not in time for Christmas).
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