Help me with an iPad video workflow
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I have a retina iPad and need help with a workflow that will allow me to use video clips in coaching a sports performance. Details inside.

My video source comes from 3 destinations: recording video directly on the iPad, ripping YouTube videos, and ripping DVD clips. Right now, I am converting the latter two sources to .mp4 and adding to my iTunes video library so I can view them in the iPad Movies app.

But, I would also like to look at clips in slow motion, and potentially do side-by-side comparisons. The app Ubersense seems to be exactly what I would like. Problem: Ubersense can record, but it can't pull clips from Movies--it looks like it only pulls from the iPad camera library.

I can imagine a number of possible solutions:
1) An app that does what Ubersense does, but can grab film from the Movies library.
2) A method to copy .mp4 files from the iTunes video library to the iPad "Library"
3) Other?

Suggestions, especially free solutions, are welcome!
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Ubersense has an entry on their blog on how to import video into Ubersense. It's a little awkward, but you can import videos to Ubersense by e-mailing an mp4 video file to yourself as an e-mail attachment. Open the email on your iPad and long-click on the video attachment. A pop-up will appear allowing you to open the selected video in an app of your choice, including Ubersense.
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Also, the second video in that blog post about importing into Ubersense shows how to use iTunes to indirectly import a video file into Ubersense (if the file is too large for e-mail) on a tethered iOS device.
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