Where to go menorah-shopping?
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Where should I go to buy an interesting menorah in New York City?

Yes, haha, spoiled for choice here and all that, but I need a hanukkah menorah, and my curiosity about how to find the right one has burned for far longer than eight days and nights. Having recently stopped moving around a lot, I find I don't own one and I'd like to. Google and seasonal blog roundups make it readily apparent where to go to spend a lot of money on a new one; what I'm looking for here is anecdotal recommendations for a shop or neighborhood for more interesting and affordable choices - and to see some in person.

I wouldn't mind something secondhand. I'd prefer something interesting or quirky. I don't want to break the bank. Of Apartment Therapy's roundup, the one from Crate & Barrel is the price range I want but a little boring in its design. I guess I'm trying to find something that falls in the middle of the range you get the Jewish Museum shop - not lego bricks with candle-holders, but not a very traditional symmetric one. (If I had any handcraft ability I would make one, I suppose)
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Are you willing to take the train down to south Brooklyn? The area around Ave. J and Coney Island Ave. (right off the Ave. J stop on the Q) is lined with Judaica shops. They're all primarily centered around the Orthodox/Hasidic community there (and their tastes), but I've never seen as many shops in a central location like that.
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Seconding griphus...why the heck would you go to a place like Crate & Barrel?!?! When you could go to Eichler's?!?! (take the Q to Ave. J and walk up to Coney Island ave. and take a left)
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West Side Judaica. Maybe call in advance to see what they have in your price range.
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I got a great Mezuzah for my house at J. Levine on 30th St. (I am rather put off by the picture of the Romney kippah).

Their stuff is more traditional.

Were I in New York, I trust Griphus to point me in the right direction and I'd go to Brooklyn. But 30th Street is right there...
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Seriously, in that neighborhood you are likely to actually trip over a menorah and injure yourself.
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MOMA may have something to your liking if you're into going nontraditional.

Museum of Modern Art store.
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While I have no suggestions for menorah sources, I wanted to mention a problem I've had with menorahs - finding candles that fit them. Be sure to check that you can find candles that fit the menorah before buying it. Otherwise you're going to be shaving them down or trying to drip wax into the holders for eight nights.
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If you're dead set on shopping locally this won't be a help, but we bought this beautiful thing last year, and we love it.
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