Any video players (PC or Mac) that support some form of bookmarking/annotations?
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Any video players (PC or Mac) that support some form of bookmarking/annotations?

I'm looking to put some educational material together.

I'm looking for a video player (preferably one that can handle most codecs) that supports a list of named bookmarks where the user can click and the player jumps to that timecode.

Something like a .srt file (ie text based format) would be great.

I do not want something that plays through a browser.

Other alternative would be a player that support external control. I am thinking VLC is my best bet in this case (control via TCP) but would rather find something that has this feature built in.
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They never really took off, but MPEG-7 and SMIL are proposed standards for annotating videos / adding interactivity. One SMIL player I have handy is called Ambulant Player. As you can see from the website, it's kind of mid-2000s-ish, but it is one way to get where you want to go.
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Realplayer can play SMIL files along videos.

SMIL itself can be a bit complex to handle - prepare yourself to be editing XML files by hand

(This is all from memory as I have not touched a SMIL file since 2005)
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VLC does bookmarks as part of playlists, as an XSPF file saved in the same directory as your vid. It seems kinda clunky (at least on my version), but I quickly made an "Intro" at 0:0:0, a "Chapter 1" at 4:30:00, "Chapter 2" at 07:0:0, saved these, quit, reloaded (the playlist, not the vid), and it works, though to edit, my existing bookmarks didn't appear until I hit "create" in the ManageBookmarks window.
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