Looking for Hofman's Rubber Duck
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I'm looking for a large (ideally poster-sized, portrait orientation, and taken during daylight) print of artist Florentijn Hofman's rubber duck.

The specific image I'd like to find is this one, but I'm flexible as long as it's a good picture. I found some high-res images on Wikimedia Commons. This one is good, but I don't love it as much as the other one I linked. Anyone know where I could find a high-resolution version of this image or a similar one? I'm willing to buy a print if someone is selling one, rather than just downloading the image.
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Best answer: A Flickr search for the tag 'florentijnhofman' brings up a few. You can check each result to see if it's shared via Creative Commons or restricted, and / or offer to buy images from the photographers.
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Best answer: How about a Flickr search for 'Hofman duck' limited to Creative Commons-licensed images? There are almost 1300 hits, and while I don't know of a way to limit Flickr searches by size, it might help get you started.
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Response by poster: Thanks!! I'm usually pretty web-literate, but somehow I never think of or use Flickr... I didn't find the exact one I was hoping for, but I found plenty of good options, one of which will grace my bathroom wall.
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