Stretches in bed?
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What are the best stretches I can do or device I can buy in order to stretch while I'm bed ridden for a week?

I have upcoming facial surgery which will not effect my body and I'd like to at least use this time to do extreme stretch and get closer to splits etc. It isn't feasible to be in the splits postion for extended periods of time as it's very strenuous to hold yourself up in that postion. I'm interested in other stretches as well. I'm happy to buy bars, bands or anything to make this process easier.
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These resistance bands are good for exercising in limited space. Each color is a different 'strength'. My husband got a set at PT for stretching. While I was looking up the link for those, the Amazon search engine also kicked out this one, which seems to be specifically for stretching. It gets great reviews.
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I found this book, which might give you some ideas.
It's only $2.99 for the Kindle, but you don't need a Kindle to view it.
All you need is the Chrome Browser, the Amazon Cloud reader app, and an Amazon account to purchase the book with.
Or, perhaps an android or iPhone with the Kindle app.

I hope this helps, and I wish you a speedy recovery!
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If you're going to get this surgery in the US, the doctor, nurse, and physical therapist should cover this topic with you. There are almost no surgeries that would keep a person confined to bed for a week by doctor's orders, although there are many surgeries that may make you want to stay in bed for a week.

Depending on the type of surgery and where you'll be recovering, you may even get a physical therapist of your very own that shows up every day and harasses you. Any exercises in addition to the ones they tell you to do, should be cleared with the doctor.
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Agreeing that you ought to clear whatever you're planning with a doctor but one thing I've done is to just buckle a belt and do this kind of hamstring stretch with it. (In the illustration it's done with a towel, so either way I suppose.)
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In addition to resistance bands, a Pilates Magic Circle might be good. Ignore the cheesy name.
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Other cool stuff to do in bed while you're immobilised: breathing exercises and meditation.

Just sayin'...
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