Transferring iPod Songs from Nano to Classic
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I have an ipod nano 1st generation, and I want to copy all of the music on there to my new ipod classic 5th gen. They are programmed on separate computers and I've been told by techy friends and Apple store employees that if I connect my old ipod to my new computer then it may erase all of the data. I don't want to take that risk. Is there a program that will transfer all of my music from my old ipod nano to my new classic ipod (without erasing my nano's drive)? Thank you!!
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I think that's what iRip is supposed to do. I've never used it. It's in a current holiday discount bundle, but you can buy it separately.

In my experience, you can attach any iPod/iPhone to any mac without dismay, so long as you don't choose to sync it with iTunes (i.e., you can charge it, and the Mac sees the device). To be sure, I'd quit iTunes before attaching the nano.
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I used Copytrans Manager to easily manage my iPod data without having to deal with iTunes - it didn't erase my data without me telling it to. You have to use iTunes once to activate your the new iPod, but after that you can use Copytrans exclusively).
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Are you on a mac or a pc? This is very simple on a mac. You run a quick terminal command to show the hidden files (I think the details at this page are correct) then it's mostly dragging some oddly-named mp3 files around.
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OP here - Thank you for your answers, I hope you keep em coming!!

Both computers are PCs. I don't own a Mac.
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Get WinAMP. Plug in the iPods. They'll show up in WinAMP's music library (alt-L), under Devices. Select first the device you want to copy from. Select all the files, right-click and say "copy to local media" (NB: Copying in this manner puts all the copied files at the directory specified under "CD Ripping" under Media Library in the Preferences (cltr-P).

After copying's done, just add them to the new device – which you can also do with WinAMP (music files in the playlist (alt-E), right-click->send to->[iPod name]). Oh joy.

You might be able to copy directly from one iPod to the other, by first adding all the files from your iPod to the playlist, and then adding those files to the new iPod – haven't tested this, though, so I dunno.
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This is a very useful program for what you are describing.

Not sure why people are telling you that your iPod will be "erased." iTunes "generally" asks you about syncing before syncing a new (to that computer) device.
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This can be even simpler. Depending on the amount of music we're talking about, take the iPods out of the equation. Either network the two PCs together and transfer the files from one to the other, or use a USB drive to do that. Drop them into iTunes. (I suggest you enable the preference option to allow itunes to organize your music in its own folder structure, if you haven't already done that.)

Now sync your new iPod.

Keep in mind that purchasing any new Apple device or OSX version gets you 90 days free phone support. Also since there is a new iTunes version just released, asking for "help" downloading that and syncing your music with it gets you free support (for that call). 1-800-APL-CARE
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