Is there a Hanukkah equivalent of the Jingle Cats Meowy Christmas album?
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Is there a Hanukkah equivalent of the Jingle Cats Meowy Christmas album?

If such a thing exists, where can I order it? (To be shipped to a U.S. address.)

If such a thing doesn't already exist, please feel free to use this thread to exchange ideas on how to produce such an album.
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I specialize in terrible holiday tunes, but man, this is hard. Even I am coming up short.

I found a few song lyrics.

I have a recording of the "Chicken Dreidel Song" that I got off (she usually posts her collection of crap holiday tunes for a month online), but it looks like she hasn't put them up this year for you to download. Assuming you'd want chicken rather than cat, anyway. I don't know how to send someone an mp3, but if you know how, I'd be willing to TRY to send it. PM me if that's the case.

I am somewhere where I can't actually hear this song to check it (I am at my volunteer job, speakers are on the other computer), but maybe this video? Offers a "buy the song" link.

There is also a JibJab video, which I offer with the caveat of "fuck if I know what they are saying right now" too.

I really have no idea how one could get such a thing made. I assume you'd have to know some musicians first who are willing to do it and know how to monkey with cat sound effects and know how to use computer recording equipment.
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