Webapps for MySQL-based charts?
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You want to create a web dashboard with some pretty charts based on data in an existing MySQL database. What do you use?

I'm comfortable with PHP, Javascript, Symphony, JQuery, etc., and while I can certainly build my own one-off thing, surely there's a few open-source projects kicking around out there that have done this more effectively.

Ideally something into which I can thrown a bunch of SQL queries, then create charts based on those results (bar, line, pie, etc.). I do not need a giant Business Intelligence / Ad-Hoc reporting system.

The environment is a typical LAMP server, so it needs to be something I host myself, rather than a service.
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D3.js + Ajax requests to your database. It's all client-side, except for your database and web service code.
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There's Ducksboard (which is pretty and has its own API and most certainly can work off of your databases), but for stuff you host yourself, look at jSlate (which is open source) and Graphene.
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D3 is great but has a fairly steep learning curve. Highcharts and Flot are pretty great as well.
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Flot.js. Free, easy to pick up, decent documentation, plenty of examples.
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Google charts - hands down simple, attractive awesome and free.
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google charts is a bit underpowered compared to highcharts.
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Thanks everyone. While I'm comfortable building one-offs from any charting library manually, I'm looking for some kind of interface into which these things can be built by feeding in SQL queries in a web interface of some kind and saving those for re-use.
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Wow, Ducksboard is awesome. This is almost perfect. I can put a few scripts in a cron job to feed data into the dashboards, which anyone can build and adjust, while letting the Ducksboard system do the heavy lifting on graphics, trending and layout. Perfect.
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The company I work for released Dashing, I know very little about technical stuff, but people seem to like it and we use it extensively around the office.
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