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What can I give to my giraffe-height coworker as a Secret Santa gift, for under $25?

I've read this post, but most of the items are way northward of $25, and he's not my BF or anything. I've worked with him before though, and he's pretty awesome.

I want to give something that pokes fun at his height, and/or his main focus at work, which is managing our ads system (read: money). I thought maybe this would work, but I don't know how tall he actually is.

What gift ideas do you guys have? Remember it's Secret Santa, so I can't just coyly ask him questions!
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If you want to do that shirt, you might be able to find an excuse to see his driver's license, or maybe get a picture of him standing next to something (doorway, vehicle, cube wall, fake plant, other person of known height) that you can later measure.
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Unless he's someone who discusses his pride in his height, I would stay away from a gift that draws attention to it. I am particularly tall for a woman and I despise when people feel the need to point it out to me as if I never noticed.
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Excuse me for asking, but are you totally sure he would be okay with jokes about his height? I mean, he knows he's taller than average, and like many taller people he's probably heard tons of 'how's the weather up there?!?' bad jokes..... he might be tired of that kind of thing. (Example: I'm short. I am damn well aware that I'm short, and any short jokes had better be a) very funny and b) not something I've already heard a thousand times.)
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Is he a Dr. Who fan? Maybe a Fourth Doctor scarf? It's 12 feet long, handy for someone who's tall.
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Some general-purpose whimsical gift ideas under $25 for people who do technical work: Sugru (fashionable putty for fixing household items), novelty-shaped power strip, cheesemaking kit + grow-your-own basil.
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Since he is giraffe height, why not a variety of giraffe themed items?

Coffee mug
for $9.99. Steam Powered Giraffe a totally ridiculous looking performance video for $14.99 (or rent it for $1.99). Giraffe Decaf Chai Mix for $8.92. A heart shaped giraffe print sticker for $3.69. Giraffe Pencils for $3.95. Socks for $6.48. Cookie Cutter for $1.25. Sticker for $2.99. Duct tape for $6.11. Four Giraffe Erasers in a Box for $7.38. Swiss Army giraffe printed multi-tool for $17.27. "My Other Ride is a Giraffe" sticker for $3.99. iPhone Giraffe decalskin for $8.99. A Browning Safari Prism Linerlock for $10.75. A wooden giraffe shaped pen for $4.95. A Wagic Giraffe Lightbulb changing kit for $24.99 (just because I love the name and even my 6'9" cousin can't reach everything). Laughing Giraffe Cherry Granola for $9.22

I'd go with the Browning linerlock ($10.75), cookie cutter ($1.25) and cherry granola ($9.22). Useful item, whimsical item and edible item with a common but not obnoxious theme.
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I keep saying it, but I feel like 2012 is the year of the 5 lb gummy bear. That is what I'm bringing to my work gift exchange. Bonus--it is gluten free! ;)
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Growing up in New Zealand when you bought a milkshake it invariably came in a paper cup with a giraffe on it labelled "The Longest Drink in Town". In more recent years the logo has become retro-cool and they've started selling them as teeshirts. It's a bit more subtle than something that just says "this guy is tall" (I'd totally wear one and I'm not tall), but still appropriate. Plus retro kiwiana is always fun!
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[Several comments deleted; it's already been suggested that the coworker may not like a gift that has to do with his height, it's not necessary to pile on with more of that.]
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To clarify about the height jokes, he frequently makes fun of his own height, so there you go.
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