What softphone + headset (with buttons) should I get for my 30+ person company on Switchvox?
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What softphone + headset (with buttons) should I get for my 30+ person company on Switchvox?

We are a manufacturing company that is moving to Switchvox setup. For our softphone setup, our phone vendor has recommended Bria (free) to use at our computers.

* Any experiences with Bria? If so, which headsets (preferably with call buttons) would you recommend?
* If you have experience with softphones, what would you recommend that could work with Switchvox?

Thanks for any insights or recommendations.
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Bria is not free, but if you mean X-Lite (the free option of counterpath) I would stay far away from it.
I was using this for the past year and it was constantly and inexplicably crashing when I tried to enter specific numbers. Probably the crappiest and most frustrating app I have used on a mac ever.

Currently I'm using phone.com's "Communicator" and am quite happy with that.
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Bria works fine on a windows box. So does x-lite.

As far as headphones, make sure you get a usb headphone. There really isn't that much difference between them, though Plantronics is pretty much the standard brand.

Also, I recommend using whatever your voip vendor recommends if you want to get support from them. Otherwise you're going to end up getting frustrated screwing around with QOS settings and so on that the tech support aren't familiar with.
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Thanks ts;dr - Yes, I meant x-lite. Thanks for the clarification. We are using the PC version, so hopefully it won't be plagued by all the bugs. I checked out phone.com but couldn't find the "communicator" software. Do you have to be part of the service as well? I'm just looking for the softphone portion.

Thanks empath - Yes, I agree that USB is the way to go. Good advice, thank you.
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I think the communicator may be restricted to a phone.com account...

looking at the support forum it seems like the crashing issues of X-Lite are indeed restricted to OSX users.
I was researching for a bit for other apps when I had the issue, and could not find a free app doing quite the same thing immediately.
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