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In Microsoft Word, how do you make Paste Special > Unformatted Text the default Paste option?
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It looks like this might do what you want?
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Although, now that I'm looking more closely and trying to replicate that on Word 2008 for Mac, at least, I'm not seeing those options. It would definitely help to know which version of Microsoft Word you're using!
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limonaire for the win! In Outlook 2010, the option is better hidden; it's under File->Options->Mail->Editor Options...->Advanced->Cut, copy and paste
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Ah, and here's a macro that will do it, for other versions of Word.
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If you want format stripping to be a system-wide option, you can use a clipboard manager that has format stripping as an option. For Windows systems, I like TenClips, which allows you to paste formatted text with Ctrl+V, or stripped text with Win+V. As a bonus, you get ten clipboards, so you can re-paste text that you use often, or if you're filling out multiple forms.
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none of these are working sorry! I have a Mac and Word 2004
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nevermind the Macro works!!
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With apologies to the OP who is on Mac. PureText is a load-at-startup app for Windows that allows you to paste unformatted text into any application, with a reliably uniform key combination (Windows+V, by default). I've abandoned my Word, Excel, and Outlook macros since I found it.
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You can also use the keyboard shortcut ctrl+alt+v.

ctrl+shift+c and ctrl+shift+v are also useful for copy and paste format, respectively.
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