Quick turnaround photolab with scans in central London
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Does anyone know a photo lab in central London that can develop a totally bog-standard roll of colour Fujifilm? Two complicating and unfortunately non-negotiable factors: (1) I need the negatives digitally scanned (2) I need to drop the roll off on Thursday and either collect the scans on Friday, or be emailed links to the scans at a later date. I don't care about prints.
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http://www.bayeux.co.uk/film_processing - I've only used them for prints though, best you check with them about turnaround time for film development.
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If you don't care about quality, any one of the numerous Snappy Snaps around town can do this for you in about 2 hours.
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And if you do care about quality and are willing to pay the cost Metro Imaging are the best in London in my opinion.
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