How to unlock a Nokia phone?
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I'm trying to unlock a simple Nokia phone, but every online service that claims to do it seems very dodgy. Have you done this before?

The phone's a Nokia 1202-2 that I've been using in Papua New Guinea for the last two years. It's simple, unbreakable, lasts a week or more on a battery charge, and has a handy little torch. I'm back in Australia now, and will be shortly travelling overseas for a year or so, and this would be a perfect travel phone to use with cheap SIMs wherever I go.

I've googled it a bit and there are plenty of places offering unlock codes, but they all seem somewhat iffy, and I've read different advice on different sites.

So, have you done this before? Did it work? Any company/site you used that was reliable? Thank you kindly!
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Did you buy the phone from a mobile operator? If so, have you tried contacting them and asking for an unlock code?
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Good idea - I'm not sure why I didn't think of that...

Having done so though, they said they can't do it over the phone and the handset needs to be brought into a shop so a technician can do it.
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In the UK there are a ton of places around town that advertise "mobile unlocking" (they are usually grocery stores or newsagents). They do it in 5 minutes while you wait and it costs around £5-£10. Is there anything like that in Australia?
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Googling Nokia unlock calculator is your friend in this situation.
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I tried one of those stores yesterday (another thing I'd forgotten existed until I asked the question), but the said they couldn't do it because it was from Papua New Guinea.

That unlock calculator looks great, but it doesn't have the correct model number there...

Thanks for the help thus far. I suspect it may not be possible...
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It may not be - the unlockers I found didn't have this model, it may have some special mode. Depending how much postage is, you might try mailing it to a friend in PNG and having them do it in the store?
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