Good Sustainability Movie or DVD Titles
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Looking for topical DVDS (short films, docos, movies) exploring Sustainability as a theme.

I'm looking for recent DVDs which explore concepts of sustainability. Preferably recent releases, such as 2011-2012. It could be a short film, documentary, lecture presentation series or a full-length movie, something that can be purchased as a DVD i.e. not online videos please. Think along the same vein as an Inconvenient Truth but doesn't have to be necessarily focused on global warming, i.e. anything which falls under the broad umbrella of Sustainability is good. For example the theme could also be focused on technology innovation or solutions to improve sustainability. It can also be location specific or globally orientated.

Any recommendations?
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The Power of Community, my fave since it offers examples of solutions rather than the usual depressing lecture. Also maybe try and the Greenhorns...local currency and young organic farmers, respectively.
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Manufactured Landscapes is a must-see. It's about photographer Edward Burtynsky, whose work deals directly with issues of sustainability.
Urbanized is more broadly about urban planning, but there are parts that definitely relevant to your theme.
No Impact Man is an obvious fit although as a movie I wasn't super impressed with it.
Food, Inc. - I haven't seen this one, but it has good reviews.
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I thought "The Unforeseen" was an interesting doc. It explored the consequences of development near a pristine spring in Austin, Texas. Pretty sad, though.
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I have a few suggestions, but... online. Why that constraint?
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