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Need a NYC doctor (GP) that is laid back and understands people who are terrified of doctors.

Last time I was in front of a doctor, I threw up because I was so nervous. I don't have this problem with dentists, podiatrists, massage therapists, chiropractors or eye doctors...

I have new insurance and I should probably get a check up. And while I LOVE ZocDoc because it helps me get over the hump of calling and making an appointment, there's no way to filter out doctors who will roll their eyes at my abject terror around them. I also don't want someone who is going to be patronizing about of this either -- I realize it's a pretty ridiculous fear and I should just nut up.

Looking specifically for someone in Lower Manhattan or Brooklyn. I don't see any difference in my terror between a man or woman doctor, so either is fine.

Bonus points if you also have a gyno who fits the bill--or better yet, if Dr. Understanding does both general checkups and well woman exams.
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On reflection, maybe I'm missing a search term that would help me find people who are well versed in this kind of behavior. I'm open to hearing that, too.
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When I was in Brooklyn, I used Katherine Keil. She's fantastic, laid back, and all the good stuff.
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She's in the West Village, by the way.
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Iatrophobia is a term that might help your search, it's just "fear of doctors" more or less.
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I'm in Atlanta now, but when i was in NYC I went to Dr Brian Meehan, who is way downtown and also really super nice and compassionate, as are the nurses and office workers. I'm sure if you explain to them that you're very uncomfortable at doctors, they'll make sure he knows.

Plus the whole office looks like a spa.
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Wow, I came in to recommend Katherine Keil too. She's fantastic. I've recommended her to so many friends that I'm worried I'm the reason it takes 3 months to get an appointment with her.
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