Hamlet the pig knight and his rusty twisted sword
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I remember this illustrated children's book from the 1970's, a vaguely Arthurian fantasy with anthropomorphic pigs. I think the main character was named "Hamlet" and there were other pig themed puns. He had an Excaliber-like sword that was all rusty and bent up. Please help me find it again.

Other, vaguely remembered details:

- color illustrations, cartoonish
- there was at least one sprawling chase/battle scene (possibly I am conflating one of many such scenes from Groo the Wanderer which I read much later and maybe one of Richard Scarry's books which I read at the time.)

- I figure I must have first encountered it somewhere between 1978 and 1982 but the book was likely somewhat older.
- I was pretty young when I first encountered it and it was somewhat above my reading level or something. Someone told me it wasn't very good.
- I don't recall reading it for myself, but I've never wholly forgotten it either.

This has been nagging me for a long time and it would be a relief to find it and see it with grown-up eyes.
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Could it be Richard Scarry's Peasant Pig and the Terrible Dragon? It was first published in 1980.
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Thank you, jabes, that looks like an excellent candidate. I will get that one from the library and see.
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It might be Roland the Minstrel Pig.

Published in 1968 and my childhood memories of it are sketchy.
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I have now read Peasant Pig and the Terrible Dragon and while it is awesome, it is definitely not the book I am asking about. I haven't found a copy of Roland the Minstrel Pig but that doesn't look like it either. Thank you, anyway

Any other suggestions welcomed.

If I don't get any, I may have to write and illustrate this myself.
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Final update from the OP:
A kind stranger emailed me this morning saying:

"I stumbled across your request while looking for the book for someone else, and thought I'd pass along the answer to you.

The book may be The Hero of Hamblett by Sal Murdocca.

There is also a sequel, Sir Hamm and the Golden Sundial."

I recognized the cover art immediately. I can't really say how delighted I am. Thank you mefites for your suggestions. Thank you kind stranger for finding it and letting us know.
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