Because right now I look like I did it myself with pinking shears.
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Where in Manhattan could I get my hair cut next week?

I'm hoping someone knows a good walk-in/no appointment needed salon. When I lived in New York I usually just went to Jean Louis David (don't laugh, they were always perfectly fine*) or someplace near where I lived that wasn't that great and I probably couldn't find now if you paid me. I'm possibly going to be in the city next week and I recently got a sort of whack haircut that I would like to have remedied while I'm there.

I'd like to find a place that isn't trendy or edgy or pretentious, but where the stylists know what currently looks fashionable. And I'd like it to be inexpensive, say no more than $50 for the whole thing. If that even exists. I haven't lived there in years.

My cut is nothing unusual - past my shoulders, all one length except for long side-swept bangs and a few little layers/pieces framing my face - but the last person who did it made it needlessly complicated. I just want to have it trimmed and sort of re-shaped or cleaned up. (And blow-dried.) My hair is a pain but not, I think, too difficult - it's thin and fine and inconsistently wavy, and I always wear it blown straight.

*And maybe they still are, in which case if anyone knows please tell me. They get pretty bad reviews on Yelp now though, so I'm thinking they may have declined over the years.
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See if you can get in at the Aveda Institute.

The prices are amazing and I always get a good cut.
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You will definitely not get a walk in at Aveda.

I got my hair cut there for a long time and never was able to get anything less than 2-3 weeks in advance.

For what you want, I'd probably walk in at a smallish neighborhood salon. Something that isn't a destination for people all over the city, but isn't Supercuts, either. I recently dropped into The Owl And The Pussycat in Clinton Hill and it was fine. I think I probably paid more than $50, but not insanely more. Someone on Yelp mentions paying $90, but I don't think I paid that much. You may want to call them and check.

$50 is on the low end for a good women's haircut in New York, these days. I feel like $70 is probably the going rate these days, unless you really are looking at going to Jean Louis David, Supercuts, etc. Surely anywhere I'd go to have a bad cut fixed is probably going to be more in the $70 range.
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She's not in Manhattan and you would need an appointment, but my lady in Greenpoint is absurdly underpriced for the level of cut she provides. She charged me only 50 for my last wash, cut and blowdry. MeMail me if you're interested.
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When I lived in New York, I was a very very happy client of Salon Moscow on 80th and 1st Ave. I still miss them now that I'm in London. Ask for Lana or Moscow (real name Slavi, he is a very sweet man and talented stylist). I can't guarantee about walk-ins, but they are very reasonably priced and know what's fashionable without being irritatingly trendy.
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