Distance learning for programming languages
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Has anyone used Learning Lynx to learn computer programming languages?

I am interested in learning computer programming. But, I am not so good with self study, and I'm not in a location where I can take a class at a community college. So, I'm looking at distance learning. I came across the Learning Lynx site, and it seemed like what I'd like. I'm interested if anyone has any experience with them. Or, does anyone have a suggestion for another place to look for a programming language distance learning course?
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Find someone who knows more than you and have them teach you. Can be over the net or not. I'd stay away from anything that you can't interact with in a significant fashion. Learning programming is all about making mistakes, learning what you did wrong, and not making the same mistake again.
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$400 is also a bit steep, considering it basically just duplicates a book (which it admits on its site). You're much better finding someone online. My contact info is in my profile, if you're interested.
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