Scalp massage in San Francisco?
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Does anyone know where I can get a good scalp massage in San Francisco?

Does anyone know where I can get a good, preferably reasonably-priced scalp massage in San Francisco? (Specific establishments, not neighborhoods, I've tried neighborhood-based searches and got nowhere.) I thought this would be way easier to find than it's turning out to be. Not really interested in places where it's only available as an add-on for a traditional massage. Hair salons that do good and lengthy massages are fine as suggestions, if they can do OK with curly hair.
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Every Aveda spa/salon offers scalp massage. The add on is usually some sort of conditioning treatment. I am a former massage therapist and have been pleased every time I get a service there.
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My hairdresser gives a great massage during the shampoo. This isn't something I normally seek out, but apparently it's his thing (it was mentioned by the person who originally referred me, too). Just to give you a sense of where they fall on the massage spectrum, when I get full body massages, I go for deep tissue, and when I sent a friend to this hairdresser, she said the massage was too much pressure for her. They last about 5 minutes or so.

I have wavy hair, which he does a great job with, and I've heard he's a curly hair specialist. Caleb Shane at Groove Salon.
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