Want to look as put-together as Scully
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What is this style of blouse called?

I've tried searching "formal v neck", "no collar blouse", "collarless blouse". I am looking for the right search term, and haven't found it yet. Or if you know where I could purchase a blouse like the one in the screenshot, that would work too.
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It's a shawl collar blouse (It only looks collarless in that picture because the jacket is hiding it!)
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It looks like it could be a wrap shirt to me.
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I'm going to be Solomonic and say it's probably a wrap blouse with shawl collar, which is a look very much of that era. This would be similar.
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I remember this style also being called "scarf neckline"--this reminds me of the suit blouses I wore then.
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Here are a couple options that are affordable and available in white, in case you're trying to re-create Scully's outfit. I found these by searching for shawl collar tops on ShopStyle, then adding limits to the color and price.
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Response by poster: Thanks! All these answers were very helpful.
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