Ffmpeg installation didn't create ffmpeg.so in php extensions...
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Ffmpeg installation didn't create ffmpeg.so in php extensions...

I've fully installed Ffmpeg on my Centos 6 server and it's working fine. I've added the ffmpeg.so extension to the php.ini file but the problem is the installation didn't create the file, or at least I think it should have. I really want Ffmpeg to come up in my phpinfo(). How do I generate the ffmpeg.so file so that it works?

Thank you
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Here's a guide for CentOS. Have you followed the steps they suggest?
posted by axiom at 8:44 PM on December 3, 2012

You can't just stick any old .so file in the PHP extensions directory. It has to be a .so written explictly to load in PHP.

I found these instructions. Looks like you need to (after you've installed ffmpeg) download the ffmepg-php sources and manually compile/install them.
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I followed the exact instructions in this to successfully install it and it didn't create the ffmpeg.so extension...

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It's a little difficult to determine why ffmpeg.so isn't being built without a little more information. Can you post (or rather link to) the entire text output of the configure script?
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You just installed ffmpeg which knows nothing about PHP. I assume you also need to install ffmpeg-php.
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