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Do I need to write a thank you for the interview note under these unique circumstances?

I got a temporary job. The temporary job shortly afterward opened up as a permanent one. I was invited to apply and did so. I had my official interview on Friday during my normal work hours. The interview was with my supervisor with whom I am on friendly terms and see every day. Do I write a thank you note? I don't mind writing it but it seems a little artificial and brown nosey as we all know that an interview thank you note isn't really so much of a thank you note, but a "hey don't forget about me - let me sell myself to you a little more" note. I doubt she is going to forget me as she sees me every day and I believe my actual work sells me as well as anything I might be able to write down for her. What do you think?
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Can't hurt!
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(I'd email, though.)
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I'd send an email. I think a formal, hand-written thank you note would be overkill. A casual thank you email can't hurt.
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I would send an email and try to mention something you talked about during the interview or something you talked about that made you think of something else, etc. That way it won't sound quite as brown-nosey and you will have written a thank you if that ever comes in as a factor in whether or not to hire you.

Just to counter, if you don't send a thank you your supervisor could take it as you being overly confident that you've got this in the bag.
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I'd write an email saying thank you for the opportunity to interview for the permanent position and that you really enjoy working there and would love for it to continue? Something like that. Nothing too brown-nosy, so I'd avoid talking about her specifically, but thanking her for the opportunity can't really hurt. My two cents. :) And good luck!
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A temp in my office interviewed for a permanent position and sent us all an e-mail to thank us for the opportunity afterwards. That was just about right.
So yeah, say thank you but don't get fancy and convoluted about it.
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Thanks, everybody. I typed up an email over my lunch break trying to strike the note between casual friendliness and serious career mindedness. I guess we'll see how it goes from here. ::fingers crossed::
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