85C help! mmmm sea salt coffee...
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Friendly with the staff at 85C? Or great with coffee recipes? My husband LOOOOOOVES the iced sea salt coffee at 85C Bakery. Since there are only 2 locations in SoCal (Irvine & Hacienda Heights), and we live in NorCal, I'd love to get the recipe to surprise him with a homemade version of the iced sea salt coffee to wake up to on his birthday.

Does anyone have a friend who works at 85C? OR has anyone experimented with their own recipe? I don't drink coffee, so unfortunately I have no idea how to experiment on the recipe on my own.

Also, I know there are sites that reverse-engineer famous recipes, but I don't think the sea salt coffee is quite up there yet.

Thanks in advance!

(anonymous because my username is very searchable, and this is going to be a surprise!)
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Well, here's a recipe. 4th one down on a gis for "iced sea salt coffee". Salt's only in the cream on top, which is consistent with details in a news article I also saw on your coffee shop.
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I am also interested in this. The recipe linked above seems pretty reasonable considering all I've read and all my experience drinking these. I've posted to my Facebook and am hoping someone knows someone who knows.
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Since it's iced coffee, it might be helpful to email or call them and ask what kind of cold-brew system they use, if any. Cold-brewed coffee will taste different to hot-brewed coffee then cooled.
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My wife knows someone who works at 85C. Check back here in a few days to see if I'm able to get the recipe for you.
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Looks like they're adding a new store soon as well...
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I tried out the recipe cuddles.mcsnuggy links to, btw. It tastes like melted coffee ice cream, which is not the worst thing in the world.
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