Bigger than a Pod, cheaper than the W- Hotel Recs in NYC?
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Hi, this is a classic New York question but where can I put up two visitors?

They are not romantically involved so need two bed spaces or one big one...neither of which I possess. Does anyone know of any hotel/b and b (apart from airbnb of course) that would accommodate two 50-ish women from the UK visiting NYC for the first time? Bonus points if around Gramercy area but anywhere in the SoPo (haha, below 38th street) area is fine. Anywhere is fine really if the price and location is right. Thank you!

I live here but am obviously slightly clueless and my apt would have VERY little floor space left if two inflatable mattresses were set up...anyway, just checking out options.
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What's your price limit?
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Hotel 17 is on 17th between 3rd and 2nd Ave, very affordable, and I've had good experiences there. The bathrooms are shared, but visitors from Europe may be used to that anyway. The rooms are smallish, and the wallpaper choices have...character.
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I second Hotel 17 enthusiastically.
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We like Hotel Metro at 35th & Bway. Sometimes we get a really great deal, sometimes just a good deal. Comfortable rooms, great location, nice atmosphere. Lots of foreign tourists; big, friendly common areas; nice little bar & grill.
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Try couchsurfing. There are many older singles, couples, and families on there that I'm sure would have comfortable accomadations.
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I know you said aside from AirBNB, but I do think that's your best option. I just housed my mother and my sister (late 60's and almost 40) in a great AirBNB apartment a few weeks ago for $135 a night and they loved it and they are both pretty picky.
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Hotel 31 and Hotel 17 are both basic accommodations at low prices.
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Yep, I used to live on 15th between 1st and 2nd, and had overflow visitors stay at Hotel 17 all the time.
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You can try Priceline. I usually find something decent for under $250.
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A word about couchsurfing - it's a fantastic community to be part of, but it is a community you participate in yourself (you can't use it to just arrange housing for third parties). I would encourage these women to be part of it, though! I've had only wonderful CS experiences as a solo female traveler.
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Check your MeMail.
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A little beyond your distance range Hotel 414 in my hood (hells kitchen, close to many subways) seems legit and (relatively) affordable
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