iPhone 5 to iPhone 4.
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Iphone 5 is bricked, what is the fastest/easiest way to temporarily use my old iphone 4 until I can get the 5 replaced? AT&T.
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If you still have the old micro-SIM for your iPhone 4 you might be able to call AT&T and ask them to reactivate it. If they refuse, then you can go to an AT&T store and get a new micro-SIM, pop it in your 4, and be good to go.
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Or you can get something like this, and then just put your current sim in your old phone.
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You'll need a sim adapter, which is basically a piece of plastic that goes around the nano sim to make it fit the iPhone 4 micro sim slot. Then it will work fine. If there is an AT&T store nearby they might sell them. You can buy them on eBay for about a dollar. Or you can try to make your own.

Depending on what you mean by bricked, your iPhone 5 can probably be repaired by restoring, unless there's an actual hardware problem.
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So putting the current sim in the older phone will make it receive calls and data plan without having to even contact AT&T? Then when the 5 gets fixed/replaced I can just switch it back?
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Yes, it should work if you are able to switch the sim between the phones and should work when you switch it back. I haven't done this with an iPhone 5, but I have switched on ATT beween a 3s, 4 and 4s with no problems.
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Yes, it's just a matter of making the sim fit. The technology is identical, you can literally use scissors to make a nano sim from a regular sim if you're precise enough.
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Your SIM is your Subscriber Identity Module-- any phone you can run that in will be your AT&T phone. That said, some phones are "Carrier locked," and while I'm not an expert on what that means, it could mean that, say, your ATT SIM will not work in a Carrier locked T-Mob phone.

Other than that, it's as simple as transferring it from phone to phone, which happens to not be completely simple in your case, but simple enough.
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