Uplifting gifts for Lyme sufferers?
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A friend of mine is really struggling with Lyme disease. What's a good idea for a Christmas gift?

Demographics: she's a single woman in her late 20s. A reader and a writer, a very sensitive person who wears everything on her sleeve. She's a whirlwind of emotional and physical Lyme symptoms right now, and I want to send her something special to put under her Christmas tree. We've got a long distance friendship, so it needs to be something mailable!
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A friend of mine had Lyme disease, and the biggest problem for her was fatigue, which meant she was stuck at home a lot of the time. So maybe a really good book or TV show on DVD? Or if she has any craftsy hobbies, something for that.
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If she's in the middle of a bad time with Lyme, chances are that she'll have a killer headache, have difficulties concentrating and will be very sensitive to light & sounds. I'd suggest something tactile and cosy to comfort her.

Novelty bed socks (with humorous note). A set of pyjamas. Artisan hot chocolate mix (or even good quality chocolate)? A handwritten letter sent along with a pair of fingerless gloves that'll keep her wrists warm whilst she rests?
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How about a plush Lyme Disease bacteria?
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I have a friend with Lyme disease who was so psyched to receive a few knit/crochet IV line covers as a gift-- like these: http://www.etsy.com/shop/IVComfyCovers. Not sure if it's applicable to your friend's treatment though.
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