Looking for the opposities of the three wise monkeys figurines.
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I'm looking to buy the three wise monkeys figurines opposites. These figurines See, Hear, and Speak Evil. They might be considered unwise.

I'm looking to buy the three monkeys figurines opposites. Each monkey (or chimp) mimics the opposite behavior from their common and traditional configuration. That is, one monkey looks for evil, one listens, one speaks. A co-worker said he bought them in a San Fran. Chinatown souvenir shop, probably around 2003. The were dark brown, fairly heavy, probably made of polyresin or stone, about four to five inches tall.

They look like the fifth picture down on this page: http://thethreemonkeys.com/

Examples of what I am not seeking:

Many Thanks!
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Why not start by contacting the folks behind the three monkeys site you link to?

Send email requests, questions and/or comments to Bruce Kittess, webmaster@thethreemonkeys.com

(They've helped MeFites before.)
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eBay. Ended, but available, I think. Whether you'd be able to remove the monkeys from the stand is another question.
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Well, here's a three monkeys website that has quite a few.
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Another eBay.
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MonkeyToes: I tried that - those folks are collectors, I'm after cheap junk. They recommended looking as I have, in cheap places... The same holds true for the http://www.three-monkeys.info folks...

Thanks for the Gibbons on Etsy, they are what I'm looking for, but a bit pricey.
posted by Ralph at 6:35 PM on December 3, 2012

A large pic of your monkeys, at least for reference.

"Three Monkeys" Pin.
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