Where are the amusing fake control panels?
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Do you know of applications that simulate things like: notional starship control panels . . . mechanical Curta calculators . . . backhoes . . . Star Trek tricorders and similar devices? These things amuse me, but they're hard to find because there are so many simulation games and actual, industrial simulators advertised on the web, which clutter up my searches.

I have enjoyed Orbiter, the very cool free space flight simulator and some other games, but I'm thinking more of smaller programs that don't do as much, but have a cool presentation with lights and bells and buzzers. This is a physical version of the kind of thing I'm looking for.

I imagine a screensaver or a little stand-alone application that displays technobabble and has buttons, sliders, dials that don't do anything [or can be set up to run another app or something, but let's not get too complicated]. Maybe the controls could be configured somehow.
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I've never used it myself, but this ATC screensaver may be up your alley.
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