I just really like the taste.
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What toothpaste tastes most like Molton Brown's freshmint?

I had these tiny tubes of Molton Brown freshmint toothpaste from traveling, but Molton Brown doesn't sell them in regular sized tubes. They seem to be specially made for the travel/hospitality industry. You can buy the mini packs apparently on Amazon, but I don't want those.

Does anyone know another toothpaste that tasted similar. I wonder if Marvis toothpaste tastes similar, but I want to see if anyone thinks this might be a match before I spend $10.
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Best answer: What about a field trip to Bigelow Chemists? They carry weird high end toothpastes, probably carry Molton Brown products, and are famous for their customer service. I also feel like that's where very fussy people go, so they will not think you are insane for wanting to arrange a toothpaste tasting.
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