Future 15 month old wants something dangling that won't kill her
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Please help to give me ideas for safe Christmas ornaments/baby toys to hang on a tree for a 15 month old, that (individually) aren't too expensive.

My sister has just one request for her new daughter for Christmas: ornaments that she can play with next Christmas, when she will be 15 months old.

They are overwhelmed with toys and books and clothes and baby things for her to use now through her first year of life, so I'd like to honor her request instead of adding to the baby pile.

I've only looked at Target so far, but the ornaments are all for ages 3+, and the baby toys would look odd on a tree and are kind of expensive for that sort of thing.

Can you help me think of ideas for baby toys that I can buy or make that would look pretty on a tree and that would be suitable for a 15 month old?
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Best answer: Small fabric balls and blocks can be quite cheap to make if you use up scrap fabric. Just attach a ribbon loop for hanging them on the tree.
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I was at Walgreens yesterday, and they had plush ornaments, like reindeer and Santa and stuff. And I know they make knit ornaments.
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DIY fabric stuffed ornaments can be very cute and look good on the bottom half of the tree.
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My grandmother made us a set of cloth Disney ornaments when we were young-- just simple quilted squares with printed images of characters on them with ribbon for tops. I don't know if she used a kit or if she just cut out and sewed them from a length of printed fabric, but they held up really well, were completely unbreakable, and would be really cheap to make if you have access to a fabric store and can do a basic stitch around the edges.

Also, wooden jumping jacks! Or any kind of simple wooden toy on a string, assuming it was made with childsafe paints. You could probably paint some simple wooden shapes from the craft store and glue a tie on the top.
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Best answer: Child proof snowflake ornaments

Any plastic round ornament will work, just make sure:
The cap for the hanger is not separate. (choke hazard)
Orb is larger than child's mouth.
No glitter

Frankly, I did not encourage my toddlers to "play" with the ornaments. We used the plastic ones at the bottom as a preventive measure.
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Felted wool balls! I love these designs and I adore these ladybugs, but my friend makes super simple wool felt balls for all her friends' busy toddlers. They're really easy. Wool roving pom poms are also fun and easy to make in front of the TV - you can even turn them into wee animals.
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Rubber ducks! Seriously. We covered our tree with them (and other baby toys) one year. It was awesome.
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Best answer: I am making these felt and scrap material owls this year for our Christmas tree - they are ridiculously easy to hand-sew. To make them truly child-friendly, you could replace button eyes with another circle of material.
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My parents have some Christmas tree ornaments that are made from wood blocks - a quick Google turned up this DIY version that looks pretty much exactly like the ones I remember. Certainly these ornaments would be approximately as safe as playing with, well, blocks.
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So many nifty ideas in here, I feel badly coming in with somewhat quotidian consumer suggestions.

If you've a Cost Plus World Market or Garden Ridge Pottery nearby, they have amazing ornament selections with a surprising number that can withstand the attentions of a little one. CPWM is better than GRP.

Some hardware stores have surprising selections of ornaments, usually in what would be the summer gardening section. Unpredictable, but a possibility.

Good luck!
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There are a lot of patterns online for simple knit or crochet ornaments - eg mini-stocking, simple Santa face, snowman, etc.
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Best answer: Small rubber bath toys that can then be used in the tub after the holidays.
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