Looking for British, Canadian, and French websites similar to New York magazine's blogs
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Looking for British, Canadian, and French websites similar to New York magazine's Vulture and Daily Intel blogs.

I am a big fan of these sites, which I think do a good job of reporting on US news, politics, and culture in a fun and entertaining way. Anyone know of any international equivalents?
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I'm not sure if it's really the exact same, but there's The Walrus from Canada.
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Probably the closest British one you're looking for is The Week or less seriously perhaps Anorak.

more on culture and shopping: Shortlist (men), Stylist (women)
more on politics: The Spectator (right wing) and New Statesman (left wing) as well as HuffPo UK and The Economist.
more on tech stuff: The Register, Wired UK

Other notables: There are UK versions of some of the Gawker blogs, as well as the London specific Londonist. The Guardian majors well on lifestyle as well as news. Metro is news lite, and although it comes from the same stable as the execrable Daily Mail, it doesn't have the same level of vitriol or misogyny. If you like your satire and can get the British political in jokes then Private Eye is your thing. Harpers and Tatler and Vogue don't do news but major on ladies' fashion and society, and Red is a bit more mainstream. GQ, Esquire do similarish things for men. If you want music, try the NME or Q. For movies try Empire and for TV try the Radio Times.
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