What 60s movie set in Italy was this?
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What is this old (60s?) movie that I saw about 20 minutes of a couple of weeks ago on TV? Set in Italy, there's a gigolo and a couple of movie stars and a Hedda Hopper like character and a scene in a grotto type restaurant.

And that's more or less all I know. I went by my aunt's a few weeks ago - I cannot, for the life of me, remember when exactly - and she was watching this movie. I don't know what channel it was, either. I saw about 20 minutes, didn't recognize any of the cast (but then this is me, and I never, ever recognize anyone, so everyone in the movie could well be The Most Famous Movie Stars EVER.) I don't think it was an Italian movie; I think it was an American movie set in Rome.

The movie was in color and had that - difficult to define, but something about the clothes and just the look of everything - mid 60s look to it. It wasn't La Dolce Vita. When I walked in, a very handsome, kind of sulky young man and slightly older woman had just come out of a pool. He was lying around on a chaise smoking; there was a kind of pretentious conversation about love. Later, the woman took him to a tailor for a whole bunch of fancy suits. Then they went to a restaurant where all the tables were sort of set in little grottoes. At the restaurant was a young starlet type and there was a lot of tablehopping going on. There was also an older woman there who later called the young gigolo type guy on the phone; I got the impression that she was a gossip columnist of some sort.

And then I left but now I want to see the whole thing. And it was. . . ?
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Best answer: Could it have been The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone? (Trailer).
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Response by poster: Got it in one! Thank you! I had no idea it was Tennessee Williams or that that was Warren Beatty, let alone Vivien Leigh. You rock, cazoo!
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