Holiday Preparations for the Apocalypse (with or without zombies)
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What are the essential elements to include in a Christmas Apocalypse Survival Kit for my dude?

We talk a lot about what we'd wear, what we'd do, where we'd go if the Apocalypse were to come. I'm putting together a package to help us to prepare. I'd like to include things that we'll actually use in the event that the End of Times does not occur immediately.

Ideas re preparations for zombie invasion are also welcome as we've also been discussing that eventuality.

So far:
Swedish firesteel
Candles (we need a little romance as the world ends)

What else?
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Best answer: A good pocket knife, HotHands packs, beef jerky. These are all going in my husbands stocking.
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Best answer: A roll of duct tape.
A well stocked first aid kit.
A microfibre towel (if you're into hiking or biking or camping)
A dry sack, also handy if you go hiking.
Some decent whisky.
A Christmas Pudding.

A nice small back pack in which to store all of the above.
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Best answer: - Duct tape
- Weather emergency radio (one with a little handcrank - can run on battery or hand crank power) - they are like $35
- whistle
- first aid kit
- iodine tablets (to purify water - iodine cleaned water taste terrible, but is safe)
- soap
- a multi-tool (with pliers, screw driver, saw) - if not a small tool kit
- copies of important paperwork
- local and region maps - actual paper maps
- towels (good for many things, see the hitch hiker's guide)
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Best answer: Restoration Hardware doesn't think you need much - but you do need a Tootsie Roll, it seems.

I'd say add some sort of emergency blanket, in addition to Flood and emilyw's suggestions above. And a deck of cards.
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Best answer: Camel pack. Portable water filter. Zippo. Flintstone.
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Best answer: If this is supposed to be funny/pleasant as well as useful, add nice alcohol, the Worst-Case Scenario books, and something like a pack of cards with a book about a gazillion card games you can play.

  • Hand-powered things you use in the kitchen & elsewhere (hand-crank mixer, manual can opener, box cheese grater, nut crusher)
  • A laminated & miniaturized copy of all your insurance paperwork, IDs, and other key legal documents
  • 100ft of paracord (so many uses; can be bought in belt form)
  • A decent compass, and instructions on how to use it to actually find stuff (optional upgrade: GPS device and book on geocaching)
  • Any kind of quick-drying towel, shirt, etc.
  • Really comfortable socks. You can never have too many comfy socks, whether or not it's an emergency right now.

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Best answer: A good pocket knife
A spork
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-Hurricane matches. They can keep going even in high winds - firesteel is nice, but supplement with hurricane matches.
-Fishing hooks and line coiled. You can always find sticks, but hooks and line are small and worth their weight.
-Baby wipes - if the apocalypse comes, fresh water for washing will be a waste!
-Firearms and ammunition are good choices but a little pricy for what sounds like a one-off thing. Zombie Tools has weaponry for the apocalypse. Gerber also stocks an Apocalypse Kit, (complete with axe) though it's a bit pricy as well.
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Best answer: An N95 mask. Two, if you both want to live through a bacterial apocalypse.
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Response by poster: Awesome!
I have yet to get my act together, but I am looking into a compass, towels, socks... looking into pocket knives too. I love the idea of card games, that got me thinking that I should fashion some postcards, and include some art supplies too.
Thanks y'all. =)
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