Non-gross sex shops?
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Where can I buy cheap lingerie and not feel uncomfortable?

My boyfriend is pretty into lingerie - like bustiers and such, but my collection is pretty much limited to (pretty!) H&M bras. Fine, whatever, I'll get some.

Problem is, I'm too poor for any classy establishment where that would be purchased, and all stores and websites that are closer to my price range feel...sleazy. Any recommendations? Brick and mortar (NYC) or online suggestions welcome.

My taste isn't really sex-shop lingerie, but his kind of is, so I'm willing to indulge him to a point. But quality and comfort (although not at too high a cost) would also be nice.
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Gilly Hicks and Forever21 often have very cute, very affordable lingerie.
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Try TJ Maxx.
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ebay! just click "free shipping". a lot of the inexpensive stuff ships from asia, but still arrives remarkably fast.
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2nding TJ Maxx, I've gotten some cute items from there that weren't too expensive ($10-20).
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3rding TJ Maxx or Marshalls. Last time I went they had several $350 La Perla bras for $30, and if you dig a bit, you'll find plenty of cute matching sets for $20 total.
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Well, in the past when I've had this conundrum the man with the taste in question also spent the money to purchase the items in question.

Macy's actually has some decent stuff, but I'm not sure what his taste is there as it runs a bit more...bridal bustiers and tasteful garter belts than crotchless panties, IYKWIM.
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Oh also Purple Passion in Chelsea is not sleazy, in my opinion the people who work there are great and very nice and helpful. It is a sex- and kink-oriented store though, if that bothers you.
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Online, has some great sales (depending on your size) and they have some more risque-type things, though not really like Frederick's of Hollywood.
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Like you, I have lots of pretty H&M bras. I've also found some pretty things at Target...though the Brooklyn store isn't the greatest. Urban Outfitters also has pretty bras and panties.
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ASOS has some relatively affordable items like this bustier and this corset.
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Yeah. He likes the "sexy" (lacy, sheer, whatever) underwear that your budget wouldn't otherwise be directed to? "Mmm, baby, let's go shopping. You bring your credit card and let me know what you like."

Otherwise — yo, babe, Uniqlo women's underwear is hella sexy, don't you think? [FWIW, my husband thinks the combo of Uniqlo scoopneck long-sleeved t-shirt plus their boy shorts underwear is amazingly sexy, especially since I feel more comfortable and at ease in it than I would in some lacy corset-inspired nonsense.]
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Nordstrom Rack has a lot of nice lingerie at deeply discounted prices.
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No seriously, get him to buy it. Not only does that mean you're not paying for his fetish, but he can also pick out what he "likes," if you're just doing this for his sake. It sounds like you're not actually that happy about this situation so maybe it would help if you went shopping together in order to make it more fun/satisfying for both of you. (Personally, I pretty myself up and all of that but I've always found the extra step of going out lingerie shopping by myself with my own money to "surprise" a boyfriend distasteful and unfair.)

I second Nordstrom Rack and f21.
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