Help me remember the title of a cyber security book.
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Help me remember the title of a cyber security book.

This is so embarrassing, but my brain is failing on all levels to remember the name of this book.

It came out within the past couple of years. I could have sworn the title was Dark Matter, but Amazon and Google aren't helping. The cover was white and it had a blue graphic. The title was in a bold, san serif font.

The story features a British bank fraud, a Calgary ATM skimmer (even this doesn't help) and other frauds linked to a website where credit card numbers were exchanged as well as the takedown of the website and the arrest of its key members. This website even had a Wikipedia entry.

I can remember all sorts of specifics, just not specifically :-P I just can't remember the names of any of the criminals, the website, the author...please help! Thanks in advance.
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Dark Market by Misha Glenny
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Thank you so much. I just couldn't grasp that second word!
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