I'm going for "understated", at least in comparison to Dali.
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What is the best kind of moustache wax?

I've decided to commit fully to growing a handlebar moustache. I've tried variants before, ending up with a dali-esque curled moustache a couple of years back when my attempt at a handlebar failed, so I'm trying again.

The problem is that I don't know what kind of wax works best. I have fairly bristle-y facial hair, which seems to require quite a lot of wax to tame (at least at its current length).

So far I have been using Clubman wax, which works reasonably well, though as I said, it takes quite a lot of wax to shape things properly.

Is there another kind of wax I should be aware of? Bonus points if it is easily available for purchase online, since I doubt that I'll be able to find it in stores around here.
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Clubman is what I used to use. I just went to the old tymeist drug store in town and got the old tymeist looking mustache wax they had. As a teenager I used various hair waxes and I think it just takes a lot to get a really precise and smooth shape.

Your stache will get trained, though, and not take nearly as much.
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Hndlebars (also from Amazon) is what I used to tame my 'stach when I was a hard working bartender/server. Great hold, easy to work, and a few pea-sized bits rubbed into my handlebar would last me a full 12 hour shift with only minor drooping. I also picked up a good eyebrow comb from the local beauty supply which made a huge difference for me in getting the wax evenly distributed.
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My husband has a pretty badass handlebar mustache and he uses Brothers Love, similar to Clubman's - comes in a tube, or Firehouse, comes in a tin and needs heat to melt a little. I think it depends on how much hold you need and how you like to apply it. It also seems helpful to get a decent comb.
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My moustache is pretty bristly. I don't wax it these days, but when I did, I used Oregon Wild Hair, which I find to have good holding power, a nice smell (important — this lives just under your nose), and which can be purchased with a nice brush.

Your Daliesque issue really just comes down to how many hairs contribute to the end of your moustache… for maximum heft, you don't want to grow a Fu Manchu, with a trimmed lip and long edges, but rather, grow out the whole damned thing and only trim what you absolutely must. There's a reason they call 'em soup-strainers.
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