Where is this scene from?
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Movie Quote Filter: Where is this quotation/scene from? I'm very hazy on the details. Two characters (I think). One is having a meltdown, hitting, yelling, crying. The other is standing there, just taking it in with a look of solemn acceptance, and keeps repeating "I forgive you... I forgive you...."

Maybe Schindler's List? (Though I can't remember why I think that...) My other thought was "The Cutting Edge." (And really, who doesn't mix up "The Cutting Edge" and "Schindler's List?")

Could be from TV? ....

Help, Hivemind!!
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Best answer: Is it maybe the scene between Robin Williams and Matt Damon in Good Willing Hunting. The dialogue isn't "I forgive you" though -- it's Williams saying to Damon something like "It's not your fault."
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Best answer: Could it be Good Will Hunting -- only the scene is Matt Damon melting down, and Robin Williams repeating "It's not your fault....it's not your fault".
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The scene in question:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JrmYk3Hzotg, kicks in around 2:20.
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Best answer: Here's the link.
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Response by poster: YES! Oh god, yes. That's definitely it. Thank you so much!! (This has been bothering me for three days...)
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"(And really, who doesn't mix up "The Cutting Edge" and "Schindler's List?")"
love this.
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