Scented oils and warmers
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Help me find good scented home oils and oil warmers for the holidays and even all year.

For scented home oils--any brand recommendations?

For oil warmers/burners, I have these questions:

1. Pros and cons of candle warmers over electric warmers (obviously a con for candle warmers is the fire issue and constantly purchasing new candles)
2. Any recommendations on ones (candle or electric) that might throw the scent better than others?
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I have one of the plain ol' Glade Scented Oil plug-in things in my classroom. It really does fill the whole room with a nice, subtle scent. People come in and say the room smells good, but can't really identify it as a plug-in. It also has a dial to control the amount of scent, depending on the size of the room. I keep it on the lowest setting. They're cheap and come in many scents. Not fancy, but it works!
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I have a plug in oil diffuser, that I only use essential oils with, and I loves it. It does get a bit of build up over time (like the dish in a candle powered oil diffuser does) and I clean it with eucalpytus oil. But really, I love it. So much easier than candles, and if I forget to turn it off, nothing happens.
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I have electric and candle warmers and I much prefer the electric ones as if I leave one on, I'm not as worried about fire. Also the electric warmers tend to spread the scents more evenly.

I have a couple from yankee candle and a couple from scentsationals and both work just the same. My oils are mainly from Yankee, with a few from Bath and Body works, but I actually prefer wax tarts from online small vendors.
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