Please help me find a hotel in DC
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Does this hotel exist? I need a place on the 4th of this month, walking distance from a DC Metro stop for $175 or less per night.

My meeting is near American University, and my idea is to take a train to Union Station, take the Metro to the hotel, and then be able to take the Metro to Tenleytown and walk to AU the next morning, and to do it for around $175. Is this possible? I haven't lived in DC for about 17 years, so my memory is fuzzy. Thanks for your help.
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How do you define "walking distance?"

Anyway, HI DC is like... really close to the Metro Center station. It's the first thing that came to mind that's for sure under your price. :)
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Best answer: I just checked Expedia, and the Sheraton in Silver Spring is $169 for the night of Dec. 4th. It's 3 blocks from the Metro station (red line, which goes to Union Station and Tenleytown), and downtown Silver Spring is a lot more developed and nicer than it was 17 years ago. There's also a Holiday Inn in Georgetown for $140 (closer to AU, but not near a Metro station). Finally, there's a Doubletree in Bethesda within a few blocks of the Bethesda Metro station (2 stops from Tenleytown) for $189, if you're willing to go a little over budget.
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I was just in DC for a meeting, and used Priceline Negotiator for the first time. I stayed at a very, very nice four-star hotel for $80, and it was great. This was in Georgetown; because Priceline auto-assigns you a hotel and you have to take it, I doublechecked that all the four-star hotels in the area were places I'd want to stay before putting in my bid. Don't know what the neighborhood you'll be in is like, but I think I'll be doing this again for my next business trip.
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There's a Marriott Residence Inn on P St. NW which is 4 blocks from the Dupont Circle metro. Also, there is a free American University shuttle bus at the Tenleytown station. You do not need a student ID and I'm pretty sure you don't need to show any type of pass.
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Keep in mind that the metro from Silver Spring to Tenleytown will take about 30-40 minutes or so, and it's the opposite direction on the Red Line from Union Station. The Days Inn at 4400 Connecticut Ave NW is about two blocks from the UDC metro (just a few stops from Tenleytown) is around $85/night or so. Not a four-star hotel of course, but it's very convenient. You should be able to find other options for far less than $175 closer to Tenleytown.
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I stayed at a very, very nice four-star hotel for $80, and it was great. This was in Georgetown

There's no Metro in Georgetown. Like, anywhere.
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Fyi, AU also has a shuttle from tenlytown if you don't want to walk!
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Best answer: If you want to optimize around location, it sounds like you want the Days Inn near the Van Ness metro station, just one stop south of Tenleytown.
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There's no Metro in Georgetown. Like, anywhere.

Sorry, maybe I'm referring to the neighborhood incorrectly. I thought the area at Georgetown University was called Georgetown; I got off at the Foggy Bottom station and walked a few blocks to my hotel. In any case, I wasn't suggesting staying in that area, just sharing my experience in case it might be useful for the area where the poster wants to stay...
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...and now I see that I was by George Washington University, not Georgetown. Still, the hotel had Georgetown in the name.
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It's a mile walk at least from the Tenleytown train station, just as a heads up -- hence everyone's wise recommendations about the shuttle! And if you're headed to the law school that's a bit away from main campus too.

I could have swore I stayed at this hotel in friendship heights for ~120, but maybe I lucked into a deal -- a quick search shows it's a lot more than that on the hotel website (check expedia, etc maybe?)

You might also look at the time tables for the N2 and other N series buses (N3 and N4 i think). I know a bunch run south from friendship heights, and north from Dupont, right to the school. Not sure of the frequency though.

If for some reason your meeting is on a weekend, be sure to check on station closures on the wmata website! and for general delays, which the red line is prone to any day of the week.
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