Budget iPad audio solutions
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I have an iPad 2, a Sandisk mp3 player and about three ipods floating around my house. I also have a Sony ICF-m1000 table radio. When I plug my iPad into the AUX input on the table radio, it's not nearly loud enough. How can I cheaply amplify the audio from my I-devices so they sound good on the Sony radio?

Or maybe connecting the i-devices to the radio is just a dumb idea. I'm looking for small solutions, as my wife is very protective of counter spaces. I ask because I'm sick of skipping CDs. Thanks.
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You shouldn't need to amplify the output from your devices when plugged into the line in on that radio (and looking at the specs for that radio, it is a line in). Using the headphone output on your iDevices with the volume turned up should be sufficient. Another option would be to get a line out adapter for your iDevices like the Pocket Dock.
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The PocketDock looks like it will provide cleaner sound. Will it provide more loudness as well?

It looks like a lot of people are buying this $15, 20 watt amplifier to use with this bluetooth audio adapter. I hadn't noticed the cheap amp before, but about 500 people loooove it, so I'll probably go that route.

I've noticed that the iPad is noticeably quieter than the iPod touch. Our iPod classic seems to be a bit louder.
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Once again, asking a question on Metafilter has dislodged something in my head that has allowed me to find an answer. The really sad thing is that I had the above amp on my wishlist, and had forgotten about it.
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You shouldn't need an amplifier for a line-level input. That amplifier is used for driving speakers directly. Is that what you're going to do instead?

The PocketDock will provide a signal that is at the proper level for a line input (but a headphone out at full volume does too). If it ends up not being loud enough, something is wrong with your radio.
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