Halo mugs without getting mugged.
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Looking for unique and cost effective gaming related Christmas gifts in Canada for a teenager.

We're not after the standard stuff necessarily, but something out of the ordinary and/or small and cheaper would be great. We're not in the market for Minecraft Hoodies or the $50 mugs (!!!) that we have seen but something along those lines would be great. Even a key ring to go alongside some other gifts would be great. Surely they aren't all crazy prices?

Games of interest (among others) are:
Call of Duty
(That sort of thing).

Anywhere in Toronto or online in Canada would be great so if anyone has any suggestions for the kind of thing that would even roughly fill that description, please let us know. We are sure there must be some store that has this sort of thing other than EB Games, but we're really struggling for any inspiration to find these places.
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I dunno what it's like for Canadians, but Etsy is a great place to find weird little video game related stuff like key chains, coasters and art.
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I've gotten a couple of tee shirts made at the "make your own tee shirt" places on queen west (it was west of Bathurst but before trinity bellwoods - I'm trying to remember the name...). So if there is a cool graphic from one of the games you've seen, or find a creative common liscenced high quality pic you can get one done for $25/30. Is that more expensive then you hoped for? Also hot topic usually has gamer stuff (yes I know it is hot topic but at Xmas you sometimes get desperate). I think it is most malls now, not sure if Dufferin or Yordale has a shop.
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Best answer: Within Toronto proper you can check out Silver Snail or Hairy Tarantula or 401 Games. All of these are on Yonge St, so it's a bit of a pain to get to if you live outside of the city, but at least they're all within a few blocks of each other. They're primarily comic book / board games stores, but they'll have lots of nerdy and video-game-y merchandise. From my memory, the Silver Snail will have more in terms of big name / official merchandise things, but the Hairy Tarantula is worth a visit just because it looks so sketchy from the outside.
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London Drugs has smaller Halo figurines and play sets-mostly under $10. I just stocked up for my lil gamer dude last week!
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