Recommend me bands highly similar to Filter (& Army of Anyone)!!
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Recommend me bands highly similar to Filter. I really love them; do any mefi-ers know of very similar bands? I also really loved Army of Anyone, and was bummed when they disbanded! Thanks!!
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Have you checked out's similar artists? (Army of Anyone come up as the highest match.)
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Stabbing Westward. God Lives Underwater. Gravity Kills. Possibly Julien-K, which is the new project from the guys from Orgy.
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You might like Institute. They were as "supergroup" of ex-members of Bush, Helmet, Iceburn and Orange 9mm.
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Cop Shoot Cop (esp. the albums Release and Ask Questions Later)
NIN (esp. the albums Broken and The Downward Spiral)
Ministry (esp. the albums The Land of Rape and Honey, The Mind Is A Terrible Thing to Taste, and Psalm 69)
Alice in Chains
God Lives Underwater
Stabbing Westward
How To Destroy Angels
A Perfect Circle
Tool (esp. the album Aenima)
Queens of the Stone Age

You might also get a kick out of David Bowie's album 1.Outside, which was his (IMHO successful) attempt to make a NIN-like David Bowie album.
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Oh, also, check out Stabbing Westward's song "Ungod" as compared with Filter's song "Hey Man Nice Shot."
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KMFDM, Pitchshifter, Sister Machine Gun, Bile
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Good list so far - what about their music did you especially like?

Check out Temple of the Dog, Screaming Trees, Mad Season, and Mother Love Bone (related to both Screaming Trees and Mad Season, incidentally). They're all incestuous grunge bands.

Try the Toadies (pretty obscure at this point but right in there) too.
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Also check out Girls Against Boys
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