Where is the site that does neat code archaeology on git repos?
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It's a visualization tool that analyses history of a code base to do some archaeology so you know who to talk to if you have questions about that section -- I swear I saw this somewhere recently, in the past week or so. I thought I bookmarked it because it was neat. I can't find it. What's the url? maybe it was some fancy git blame thing.
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Is it possible you're referring to Perforce's Time Lapse view?

Visualizing File History with Time-lapse View (Flash Movie, skip to 1:10)

P4 has a Git integration so it's possible that's where you got the association from.
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I don't think that's it. ARG I wish I could remember this.
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I found it! i starting typing "bus tracker" in to my search bar and "git by a bus" came up.

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