how to send myself a daily message?
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what's the best way to send an automatic random reminder to myself every day?

In my bid to maintain a habitual awareness about my mental and spiritual wellbeing, I'd like to have an iPhone prompt or email appear every morning, which draws randomly from a large bank of inspiring quotes of my own choosing. Ideally I can add to the bank over time. I would also prefer an iPhone prompt e.g. an alarm-like function with a message I can acknowledge, rather than an email, as I get more than enough email. But I'd settle if there were no other option. Is there an app for this?
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Best answer: I've never seen an app for this (though it would be simple enough to create one), but googling around just now brought up these instructions for sending yourself a daily email using a Google spreadsheet.
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Response by poster: Oh, wonderful! As an added bonus, on a hunch I did some investigation and it seems you can send text messages via email to most US phones for free. So there's my hack right there. Thanks so much!
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If you have Google calendar set up on your phone, you can make a recurring event, and include an alarm each time.
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You might be interested in
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Seems like you got your fix, but just in case, I recently started using to replace a different service I was using, and it's pretty fun.
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