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How do I remove engraving from an aluminum pan?

I stupidly bought someone an engraved pan and they don't want it. It's a nice sturdy aluminum cake pan, so I'd like to remove the engraving and use it myself without looking like I'm in a baker's witness protection program. Most of what I could find online seemed to suggest I attack it with sandpapers of increasing fineness. Is this the best way?

I'm looking for an at-home solution if possible. I'm also okay with it looking scratched if that's the only way to obliterate the name, but I'd prefer a cleaner method.

It's one of these:
9x13 traditional cake pans
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Could you have it further engraved, working the existing design into something you want? Like they do with tattoos on the tattoo shows.
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Yep, sandpaper is the way to go. A Dremel tool with an abrasive bit would be a very quick to do your initial course sanding/grinding.

Personally, even if I already had access to these tools I'd just give the pan to Goodwill and buy myself a new one. Two variety packs of sandpaper is nine bucks, but how much is your time worth?

Or I guess another alternative is to take a straight edge and a scratch awl and cover up the name with a grid of fine lines.
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Thanks, guys. I ended up buying a sanding drum for an electric drill, and used some fine grit sandpaper I already had to finish it up. It looks like something was there, but it doesn't look awful - and it took me about ten minutes.
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